Friday 14 July 2023

15mm Terminator: Humans vs SkyNets’ soldiers


Comparison shots, now, to see how the Alternative Armies’ Terminators match up against the CP Models’ Human Resistance - pretty well as it turns out !

As the Resistance are mainly in ‘tactical’ poses - running, crouching, firing etc, and the Automata are stiff and upright - jut as they should be, they scale really well, I think - the CP Models’ Human sculpts are of course, somewhat well-fed by comparison - but the Terminators are just animated exoskeletons, after all, so that works, too… 

So let’s take a look at some photos - first, a face-off !

Wouldn’t want to be up that close and personal in real life, but gives a good idea of the competing heights and heft…

Next a closer look at some heroes:

“I’m John Connor - No, I’m John Connor…”

I’ll let the pair of them battle it out as to which sequel/prequel/re-boot they come from….

“John Connor ? - never heard of him….”

“John Connor ? - yeah, he went that-away ……”

“Careful Human - you’ll have someone’s eye out with that….”

“Call that a Machine Gun ? - this is a Machine Gun….”

“I need your boots, your clothes….and your sunglasses…..”

So, overall, a pretty successful line up - quite happy with how these are turning out - I’ll be moving on soon to some terrain and scenery, as well as some other, special items….

Hopefully then, I’ll have a skirmish set-up that should see plenty of this:

“Hmmm - Time Travel, you say……?”

But in the meantime - Keep Resisting !

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